Alternatives' mission is to create a world where international solidarity, environmental rights, democratic rights and human dignity are universally respected.

Alternatives knows that a world of such societies is possible. We know this because we have already seen so much progress since our founding in 1994, thanks to dozens of projects and campaigns with allies in numerous social movements, over a thousand interns, countless volunteers and a dedicated and caring staff, all of whom are determined to see our mission succeed.

We will thus continue to work for a world in which:

  • Women, men and children live in dignity and respect, and equitably share the power and resources they need to live and thrive.
  • The diversity of peoples and individuals is respected, as well as their human, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights.
  • Solidarity, cooperation, respect for the environment, participatory democracy and peace are truly valued.
  • Sustainable, just and democratic social and economic development takes place at local, national and global levels.

With each new project, each new campaign and every new intern or volunteer, we become more and more convinced that citizen action can achieve such a society. That is what we call solidarity in action!

Alternatives in Montréal is a member of the Alternatives International Federation, the International Council of the World Social Forum, the Association for Progressive Communications, the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale, Concertation pour Haïti, Food Secure Canada, Trade Justice Network, the Quebec Network on Continental Integration, the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine, the coalitions Pas de démocratie sans voix! and Voices-Voix, of Mouvement vigilance énergie, the Coalition for Food Sovereignty,the Réseau québécois des groupes écologistes and the Regroupement des jardins collectifs du Québec.

Alternatives benefits from the support of many public figures from diverse backgrounds, including: Margaret Atwood, Gil Courtemanche, Judy Rebick, Ariane Émond, and Stanley Péan from the culture and information realm, Françoise David, and Amir Khadir of the social realm and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Asma Jahangir, and Noam Chomsky from the international arena.

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