Bargaining Updates - 2022-2023

Bargaining Update #1

It has begun!

Your bargaining team met with the employer to bargain your new collective agreement on November 16, 17 and 22.

Both parties have tabled their non-monetary proposals and spent much of the three days explaining the union’s rationale, and asking questions on the employer’s proposals.

We discussed  some of the union’s priorities with the employer’s bargaining team, like trying to find solutions to the current staffing and workload crisis, achieving better work-life balance and the importance of retiree benefits.
We also had good discussions about PSAC's practices on student employment as well as the employer’s use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in different types of harassment discrimination settlements.

Next Steps:
We are meeting again in February for three full days of bargaining and the union plans to table its monetary proposals at that time.

This membership understands the importance of strong and united members to achieve the gains we hope to make. While we are prepared to make our best arguments to convince the employer that our demands are reasonable and fair, we also know that  they will need a push to be persuaded...

To do this, we need you! If you want to be a member of the Mobilization Committee, please send an email to Pierre Lebel to be added to the group.

Click here for our proposals and the employer's demands

In Solidarity
Rachel Besharah
Terry Gray
Pierre Lebel
Jan Malek (Unifor Representative)
Connor Spencer

Unifor 2025 Bargaining Team

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