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Michael Desautels, Louise Laporte, Tiffani Tyner, Adrian Dumitru, Loren Crawford, Michael Lechasseur, Dale Robinson, Rachel Besharah (photographer), (on the phone) Abudi Awaysheh, Sherrill Robinson-Wilson, Pamela Sihota

Your Bargaining Support Committee is working to mobilize members inimage_1_0.jpeg support of our bargaining team. 


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Messages of Support for our Bargaining Team

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Dear Bargaining Team and Bargaining Support Committee,

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making our workplace a healthy and positive one and to improving our working conditions.

I have read the Unifor 2025 demands posted on the new Negotiations 2017 website launched today and I am very happy to see the focus on mental health and additional protections for persons experiencing domestic violence.

Especially important for me, as a Grievance and Adjudication Officer who travels for hearings, are the workload issues that you are addressing.

I am with you and appreciate your time and effort!

In solidarity,

Nina Ziolkowski





Proudly wearing my Unifor 2025 sticker today in support of our bargaining team!

Go team!




I wanted to take the time to thank you all for everything you are doing for us. I know this is volunteer work and I can’t thank you enough for that. It takes a very special kind of person that puts the needs of others before themselves.  Without you and your efforts we would be no different then the private sector. I am so thank full for the bargaining team and the mobilising comity. My life is stressful enough as I have two children with special needs. After fifteen years in the private sector I know all to very much. What can happen and how we could be treated if it wasn’t for Unifor2025 and the hard work you all put forth on a daily basis. Knowing that I have Unifor2025 in my corner makes it so that I no longer worry about my job and can focus on my job and family.

Thank you so much for making it so I can sleep at night and wake up ready to go. I really appreciate it and can’t day thank you enough.

Kevin Pyle

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