Section Representatives

Section Representatives can be your first point of contact should you need to wish to flag any arising issues in your section for the executive.

The pilot period for the section rep project is 3 months, from November 17 2022 to February 17, 2023.

Section Representative
Comms and Political Action Jeffrey Vallis
Finance and Membership Administration Ron Koomas
IT/IM Kevin Pyle
JLP Kole Kilibarda
Language Services Francine Morel
Negotiations, Programs, Social Justice Fund Elanor Sherlock
Representation Julia McDonald
ROB-HQ Lesley Thompson









What is the role of a Section Rep?

The section rep is a liaison between their section and the executive. We envision this as a rotating role that members can take on for a specific time period that is manageable for them.


  • be in contact with coworkers in their section to flag any arising issues for the executive
  • organize section meetings if necessary
  • provide any needed feedback to executive
  • share information/reminders from the executive within their section - e.g. “hey there is a local survey, please complete it!”
  • be in contact with other section reps as needed


What’s the difference between a Section Rep and a Steward?

Think of a Section Rep as a sort of “Information Steward.” They do not do representation vis a vis the employer (unless they also happen to be a steward :) ). They act as a link between members, the executive, and other section reps within the local itself.

I’m interested in becoming a Section Rep. Who do I contact?

Let your section Rep know and send an email to

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