Unifor 2025 Stewards

Stewards play an important role in the union. These volunteers help members with:

  • conflicts
  • grievances
  • information sharing
  • problem solving

It is our goal to have a well informed and well supported membership.

Stewards have lots to offer their union. Talk to a steward to find out more about your rights in the workplace.

Unifor 2025 Stewards:

PSAC Stewards

Hassan Husseini (Chief Steward)

Alroy Fonseca
Amy Kishek
Janson LaBond
Jessica Wallis
Kristina Cook
Laneydi Martinez
Lisa Greenspoon
Michael Aubry
Nina Ziolkowski
Pam Sihota
Silja Freitag
Verda Cook
Victoria Gibb-Carsley 
Yafa Jarrar

USJE Stewards

Renée Savoie

Meet Your Stewards:

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