Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and why was Unifor 2025 created?

Previously members of a unit of the Alliance Employees' Union, an indepedent union, employees of PSAC headquarters and their regional colleagues of the unit, were looking for a national union that would offer additional support and membership in the Canadian Labour Congress.

A campaign was mounted with the support of CEP, now Unifor. The campaign was successful and CEP (now Unifor) became the bargaining agent for these PSAC employees in June of 2010.

Q: What services does Unifor offer local 2025 members?

Unifor, now Canada's largest private sector union, offers its members a host of services:  Union education, workplace health and safety expertise, human rights and women's support, membership mobilization and political action support, pension and benefits expertise, and research.

Unifor is an organizing union that also offers membership to those without collective bargaining rights as part of its community chapters program.  On-line tools and resources are available to its members.

Unifor works to develop ongoing relationships with like-minded unions and social justice seeking groups around the world, including funds to support global humanitarian work.

Q: What is the dues rate for Unifor 2025 members?

1.437% which includes Unifor national contributions and membership in the union's arbitration fund.

Q: Are Unifor 2025 members only employees of PSAC?

No. Union of Safety and Justice Employees (USJE) staff are also Local 2025 members.

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