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Dear 2025 members,

We are writing to you all from the same place most of you are probably in right now as well, watching what has been happening in Israel and Palestine since the 7th, and feeling unable to focus on anything else and try and figure out how we can help, while at the same time holding a lot of grief, a lot of fear, and a lot of anger about the loss of life on either side of an apartheid wall. 

Is the Writing on the Wall for Non-Disclosure Agreements

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Unifor 2025 welcomed Dr. Julie Macfarlane, a Professor of Law and a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Windsor for a talk entitled “Is the Writing on the Wall for Non-Disclosure Agreements?”

Her 2020 book, Going Public: A Survivor’s Journey from Grief to Action, describes her personal and professional experiences of being victimized by sexual violence and fighting for change as lawyer and an activist. Dr. Macfarlane is the co-founder of the Can’t Buy My Silence campaign to end the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence those victimized by abuse, harassment and discrimination.

Unifor women will come together on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022 to celebrate significant wins that are the result of decades of activism within our union, such as Pay Equity and Child Care. Although we continue to navigate another difficult year in the pandemic, we have not let up on pushing for important gains. As we gather to reflect, we will also look forward to our future with the knowledge that together we remain unstoppable.

All Unifor women are invited to this event. Participants must register through Zoom. Click here to register now!

For Unifor, Black History Month isn’t an event we only acknowledge in February.

This year, Canada recognizes Black History Month as February and Forever: Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day.

The Canadian government first recognized Black History Month in December 1995 in the House of Commons, following a motion introduced by the Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine.

Unifor has long been advocating that it is vital to acknowledge and recognize Black members everyday.

As a union, we featured Black members from locals for the past few years and allowed the different regions to see the remarkable leadership within our union. 

December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, commemorating a man’s 1989 murder of fourteen women at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique simply because they were women.

Unifor recognises November 20 as the Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR). November 20 is a day of mourning, as our union comes together to recognize those whose lives - overwhelmingly Black trans women and femmes - have been taken due to anti-trans violence.

Unifor’s own constitution asserts the union’s commitment to equity and inclusion, to ensure equality for all members regardless of gender identity and to fight for their rights in our workplaces, communities, and in broader society.

On November 20, 2021, Unifor recognizes that the fight for safety and equity for trans and non-binary people is far from won.

Orange shirt pins with Unifor logo

To commemorate the upcoming Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Sept 30th) the Local has ordered Orange Shirt Day pins for the membership.

These pins are Canadian made and union made.

We will be making them available to the membership in the hopes of supporting local organizations that are working to advance the issues of Indigenous rights and to show our solidarity with those organizations and activists.
We are asking that you make a donation to

Bargaining news – Update #15– July 29, 2021

PSAC finally ratifies the settlement

The new collective agreement is now fully effective as of July 20, 2021, the day the settlement was ratified by the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) for the employer.

All provisions of the agreement are effective as of that date unless other dates have been agreed to, e.g. the salary increases and the special pension allowance. 

The new agreement in the works

The new clauses and articles in the agreement have been translated and we expect to receive a copy of the new agreement for review and proof reading before too long.

In solidarity – and for the last time,

Amy, Erna, Louise, Victoria, Michelle

Unifor Local 2025 believes that every individual has the right to dignity and respect, both within the union and in the workplace. Discrimination and harassment are totally inconsistent with the principles of union solidarity, dignity and respect. Local 2025 does not condone any form of oppression, be it like discrimination and/or harassment within the workplace or the union.

It is the employer’s responsibility to create and maintain a workplace free of any form of discrimination and/or harassment. Local 2025 has a role in making sure the employer meets that obligation and that neither undertake actions or inactions that cause further harm to those experiencing discrimination and/or harassment.

Orange Shirt day graphic

In the past number of days, Unifor has received a number of requests for Every Child Matters t-shirts. It is not surprising that Unifor Locals have wished to express their solidarity with Indigenous peoples and communities at this time of heartbreaking grief.

Orange Shirt Day is held annually on September 30th across Canada to honour the experiences of former students and survivors of the residential school system and to promote awareness about the residential school system and the harm it has had and continues to have on Indigenous communities.

These t-shirts which are union made in Canada and available in English or French can be worn now and beyond Orange Shirt Day September 30th to demonstrate your commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.

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