Call to Action : Solidarity with Palestine

Dear 2025 members,

We are writing to you all from the same place most of you are probably in right now as well, watching what has been happening in Israel and Palestine since the 7th, and feeling unable to focus on anything else and try and figure out how we can help, while at the same time holding a lot of grief, a lot of fear, and a lot of anger about the loss of life on either side of an apartheid wall. 

With this statement Local 2025 wishes to a) stand firmly in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are experiencing genocide. b) Call for a ceasefire, and an end to the occupation and apartheid of the Israeli imperial project, and c) share resources with our members on how to learn more and take meaningful action for justice, for peace, and for a free Palestine.

To be clear, this violence did not begin on October 7th. And to be clear, this horrible cycle of violence will not end until the Israeli occupation,and apartheid of Palestine, and siege and blockade of the over 2 million people in Gaza ends.

Our parent union, Unifor, has put out a statement calling for an end to the violence. Local 2025 will be contacting Unifor Ontario and National urging them to go further, to ensure the union is an apartheid Free Zone, that no part of the union participate in any arms distribution to Israel and that they support their members refusing to do this work, and to create member education on Zionism, colonialism, and the long history of Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

To our Palestinian and Jewish members who are showing up to fight against colonialism and genocide during a time of immense grief - we see you and stand beside you <3

Free Palestine.  End the Genocide.

Call to Action :

1. If you are in Ottawa, join our Unifor 2025 contingent at the Worker’s Solidarity Rally at the Human Rights Monument (220 Elgin) at 12pm on Wednesday the 25th! We will meet outside 233 Gilmour at 11:45! Bring signs! <3 we will march up to the Human Rights monument together! 
2. Attend this Resource Movement webinar tonight featuring our coworker Yafa! Register here :
3. Protect workers who have spoken up for Palestine and protect their free speech! Sign this letter put together by Labour4Palestine - the goal is 10,000 letters!
4. Send a letter NOW to Trudeau and Minister Joly calling for a ceasefire  
5. Call your MP urging pressure for a ceasefire and to end the genocide
6. If you are a member of the Ontario NDP, email them asking them to reinstate Sarah Jama to their caucus 
7. Keep an eye out for and support Palestinian led organising where you are

Resources : 

• Read the Call for Trade Unionist Around the World to Support Gaza 
• Learn more about the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement 
• Read through this countering anti-palestinian messaging toolkit from Labour4Palestine!
Donate what you can to humanitarian relief on the ground
• Read : Haymarket has made much of their books on Palestine for free (or support your local bookstore and buy books about Palestine!)
• Podcasts : Canadaland episode, Sandy & Nora episode, The Big Story episodeHow to Survive the End of the World episode  

In solidarity,

The 2025 Local Executive

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