E​m​p​l​o​y​m​e​n​t​ ​e​q​u​i​t​y​ ​t​r​a​i​n​i​n​g

Seeking a representative to work on employment equity training

Unifor Local 2025 is looking for a member to work on a sub-committee of the Joint Employment Equity Committee (JEEC). The sub-committee will be responsible for developing an education and training plan for PSAC staff about the new employment equity plan. The plan itself is in the final stages of development.

The sub-committee, which will consist of one member per staff union and several employer representatives, will work closely with the members of the JEEC over a period ranging from six to 12 months, starting soon. The sub-committee is expected to meet about once a month (by teleconference) during regular working hours.

Anyone interested should send their name to me, no later than Thursday, August 6 for consideration by the executive. Please let us know why you are interested in taking on this work.

If you want to know more about this work, please contact our JEEC representative, Wael Afifi.

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