Local 2025 supports our racialized and Indigenous members

Your Local 2025 executive acknowledges the courageous action by racialized and Indigenous members when they withdrew their labour in response to the lack of progress by PSAC as their employer in addressing issues of discrimination and systemic racism in their workplaces. A copy of their statement, which was sent as an auto-response to email they received on either Friday, June 19 or on Monday, June 21 – National Indigenous Peoples Day, is attached.

We want you to know that you have the full support of your union. It is unacceptable that the many recommendations made to the employer for years have been essentially ignored. Your latest action has sent an important message to the employer – you will wait no longer.

We are encouraged by recent directives from the PSAC national president to the branch directors that the employer may finally be working to follow through on these recommendations without further delay.

Local 2025 members regularly go to bat for our members against their employers to get them to put in place measures to combat systemic barriers. PSAC also needs to walk the talk. It is hypocritical to demand measures of the federal government and other employers if they are not being implemented within PSAC.

Our employer has an opportunity to set an example of what equity, inclusion and an anti-racist union looks like. Your executive is committed to putting pressure on the employer to make this a reality.

In solidarity,

The Local 2025 executive

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