Members approve by-law changes and new budget

Members at Local 2025’s first meeting of 2015 on January 7 welcomed a new executive member and two new trustees, approved a budget and a significant number of changes to the by-laws and set up a new working group on work-life balance.  Not bad for a one meeting’s work!

New vice-president joins the executive

Our new vice-president for the regions is Lesley Thompson. Originally hired by PSAC as a political/communications assistant to the Atlantic regional executive vice-president, Lesley is now working as a regional education officer in the Halifax office.

Two trustees elected

Victoria Gibb-Carsley (national education officer) and Janson LaBond (research officer) were elected by acclamation to two-year terms as trustees, joining current trustee John Wilson (negotiator). The trustees examine the Local’s books four times a year and report to Unifor’s national secretary-treasurer Peter Kennedy.

2015 budget approved

Revenue from dues was $6,700 higher than expected in 2014. Overall, expenditures came in under budget leaving a surplus slightly in excess of $29,000 for the year. The members’ decision last year to support 2025 member Hassan Husseini’s campaign for the position of Canadian Labour Congress president put us a little over our budgeted amounts for conventions and donations.

The 2015 budget is similar to that of 2014.  If you were not able to participate in the meeting, you can get a copy of the budget from treasurer Seth Sazant or secretary Louise Laporte.

Local by-laws overhauled

Local 2025’s by-laws (the rules under which the Local operates) needed to be updated. For example, there were numerous references in them to our original union – the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers’ Union (CEP).

Last year, Unifor provided a new by-laws guide for use by Locals. Members reviewed the changes proposed by the executive, debated, amended and adopted them. While the revised by-laws don’t become effective until they’re approved by Unifor, some of the major changes include:

  • the inclusion of bargaining and strike committees in the by-laws;
  • the creation of a new elections committee; and
  • three-year terms for stewards.

Once they’re approved, they’ll be available here.

How to find better ways to balance work and life

The meeting approved the creation of a working group to discuss and come up with recommendations for actions that would help 2025 members with their work/life balance. More information will be coming out soon about what’s being proposed as the work of the group and how members can be involved.

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