Open letter to Chris Aylward and Magali Picard

Last week, Local 2025 representatives met with Chris Aylward and Magali Picard and others to talk about the action that PSAC needs to undertake as an employer to combat racism, discrimination and oppression in the workplace.

Attached is an open letter to them from your executive, reiterating the positions taken at that meeting.
We encourage you to read it.

We understand the Directors team has been instructed to come up with implementation plans now with the following priority areas:

  • Reconciliation and recognition of ancestral territories.
  • Training on the prevention of oppression.
  • Hiring of racialized and Aboriginal managers on the management team and EO
  • Training and coaching of new managers, especially racialized and Aboriginal managers
  • A retention plan for racialized and Aboriginal managers.

Our Local will be working with the employer on these issues and will continue to hold them to account.
If you have questions or are interested in working with other members to develop Local actions, please contact a member of the executive.

In solidarity,

Louise Laporte, on behalf of the Local 2025 executive

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