Statement on Union Representation: Discrimination and Harassment

Unifor Local 2025 believes that every individual has the right to dignity and respect, both within the union and in the workplace. Discrimination and harassment are totally inconsistent with the principles of union solidarity, dignity and respect. Local 2025 does not condone any form of oppression, be it like discrimination and/or harassment within the workplace or the union.

It is the employer’s responsibility to create and maintain a workplace free of any form of discrimination and/or harassment. Local 2025 has a role in making sure the employer meets that obligation and that neither undertake actions or inactions that cause further harm to those experiencing discrimination and/or harassment.

Local 2025 encourages anyone who feels that they have been discriminated against and/or the target of harassment to seek union representation.

Any Local 2025 member who receives an allegation of discrimination and/or harassment against them, and seeks assistance from the union, may have someone assigned to both provide information about the Employer’s process and to monitor it. If a finding of discrimination and/or harassment has been found and the member is subject to corrective measures such as discipline, the union may provide representation only where it reasonably believes that the measures taken are too severe or unwarranted in the circumstances.

Local 2025 will continue to hold the employer to its duty to ensure that allegations of harassment are dealt with fairly, transparently and expeditiously.  Local 2025 will also continue to work with the employer to support the necessary education and training that is required to raise the awareness and to eliminate all forms of oppression in the workplace.

Passed by the Executive: November 18, 2020

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