Unifor Statement in Support of African Heritage/Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, Unifor will join with others to commemorate and celebrate the contributions of black people and those of African and Caribbean descent. We will recall the milestones, achievements and incredible accomplishments that peoples of African and Caribbean descent have made in the arts, social and economic life, politics, science and the labour movement. We will recognize these contributions have been made in the context of struggles against racial prejudice and barriers and are, thus, even more significant.

During this month we will push ourselves and others to recognize that barriers remain and that it is our collective obligation to remove them. We will stand up against racial profiling, unequal justice, and economic and social exclusion and acknowledge that racism, discrimination and inequality persist. We will shine a light on the experience of persons of African and Caribbean descent so that we can learn from our history, including recent events. This month, next month and every month thereafter, we will work to ensure that our sisters and brothers know that we are unwavering in our pledge to make every person an equal participant in our social, political and economic institutions.

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