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Working Group on Work-Life Balance

At its last membership meeting, UNIFOR members adopted a resolution to strike a working group whose mandate will be to examine, identify and propose ways of improving work-life balance for our members who are parents or who have legal guardianship of children. 

It has been many years since the labour movement obtained gains around childcare and family care.  It is time to reflect on our lives as workers and as individuals with child raising responsibilities in order to find better ways of supporting these roles. 

Please contact Johanne Labine if you would like to contribute to this ad-hoc working group.

CLC Election Preparation Conference

Federal Election 2015 is fast approaching and we want to make sure that workers’ concerns are well represented in the discussions and outcomes. To see change happen, we need to act and talk to our colleagues, neighbours and families about these values, who best represents them and will work to safeguard them in our laws. Our plan is to bring together seasoned campaigners and new activists from a wide range of communities and workplaces to share the experience they have while learning the latest and best practices for effective campaigning – from outreach and training to social media. Our goal is to show them how to take on the negative, powerful politics of greed and deliver a win for fairness.

Local 2025’s collective agreement with USGE expires at the end of April.

Elected bargaining team members Elaine Ouimet and Melanie McCormick are working on consolidating all the demands submitted by members. Once that work is completed, meetings will be scheduled during which members in the unit will have an opportunity to review the package of proposed demands, make any necessary changes and agree to the demands that will be presented at the bargaining table.

The Local’s Unifor representative Michelle Arruda will serve notice to bargain at the appropriate time and will lead the negotiations. Local 2025 president Rachel Besharah will also be on the bargaining team.

Dominic Vidmar was elected as a Steward on January 7.  She joins Steward Melanie McCormick.

Local by-laws overhauled pic
Members at Local 2025’s first meeting of 2015 on January 7 welcomed a new executive member and two new trustees, approved a budget and a significant number of changes to the by-laws and set up a new working group on work-life balance.  Not bad for a one meeting’s work!

New vice-president joins the executive

Our new vice-president for the regions is Lesley Thompson. Originally hired by PSAC as a political/communications assistant to the Atlantic regional executive vice-president, Lesley is now working as a regional education officer in the Halifax office.

Challenging Sexism

On December 6, 1989, 14 engineering students at L'École Polytechnique were singled out and murdered, solely because of their gender. This December 6th will mark the 25th anniversary of that horrific event, and although much has changed, violence against women still permeates our society.

In the coming days, Unifor will remember those murdered as a result of gender based violence, reflect on those who still experience the daily reality of violence, and recommit to taking action.

Canadian Council 2014

Speakers at the Canadian Council 2014 included Quebec director Michel Ouimet, CLC president Hassan Yussuff, actor and activist Danny Glover, and author and activist Linda McQuaig.



Unifor Local 2025 supports the attached Letter of Solidarity with the people of Gaza from Unifor Local 467. 

Local 2025 also supports bringing 100 Palestinian children to Canada for desperately needed medical attention. We urge all Canadian hospitals to add their names to the list of Ontario hospitals who have reached out in compassion to offer treatment to Palestinian children who desperately need help.

We also request that the federal and provincial governments aid in these efforts.


Justice for Canada's Aboriginal Women and Girls

Earlier this week, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) sent a letter to the Prime Minister demanding he launch a public inquiry into Canada's missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. This is not a new demand from the CLC, we have been calling for leadership from the federal government on this issue for a long time.

The recent murder of yet another young woman, this time in Winnipeg, has moved Canadians from coast to coast to coast to join the call for a public inquiry. In support of that public outcry, we have launched a petition to the Prime Minister on the CLC's website, demanding that he take action. It reads as follows:

Prime Minister,

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