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Dear members,

I’m writing to share with you a video that summarizes the proceedings of our recent Convention:

If you were a delegate, thank you for helping to make it one of the most inspiring union events I’ve ever attended.

If you were unable to attend, I encourage you to watch the video and share with your friends and family. Unifor has grown so much in three years, and emerging from this convention your union is well positioned to continue to be one of the most powerful and progressive organizations in the country.

CULE and SEESOCQ have invited the members of Unifor 2025 to a noon time rally in front of 233 Gilmour next week on Tuesday September 13th.

This rally is in support of Sisters Nancy LaRose and Lisa Rossignol who were both recently terminated by the PSAC while on Injury on Duty Leave.

This is a timely action as the Alliance Executive Board (AEC) will be meeting that day.

I look forward to seeing you there.

In solidarity,

Rachel Besharah

President, Unifor Local 2025

Local 2025 is entitled to send one delegate to the Unifor national convention being held in Ottawa from August 22 to 26. We have also received approval to send a second delegate who is a woman or from an equity-seeking group.

Nominations for the two delegate positions will be open until end of day Friday, July 8.  A seconder is not required and members may nominate themselves. Members who wish to run for election as the equity delegate must also complete the attached form. All nominations are to be sent to Secretary Louise Laporte by July 8.

Details regarding the election process will be issued once nominations close.



Ottawa & District Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Council

12:30 p.m Vincent Massey Park (Entrance on Heron Road at Riverside Dr.) Ottawa, ON

Guest Speaker:

Donald Lafleur, Executive Vice-President, CLC

Sean McKenny, President, ODLC

Contact: Ottawa & District Labour Council T: 613-233-7870

All four PSAC staff unions will file notice to bargain TOGETHER today. This is a first!

Our ducks are a message to the employer: the staff unions are working togetherlike never before during this round of bargaining.

The ducks are fun but our intentions are very serious.

Whether we work in a regional office or at headquarters, we face many of the same issues such as workload and difficulty balancing work and family responsibilities, respect for our work.

We believe it is time to find common solutions to common problems. We ask that you put up this poster in a prominent place in your work space no sooner than 4:00 (EDT) today.

Please keep it posted for the duration of negotiations.

Black lives matter Toronto


On Saturday, March 26th at 4 pm a rally to support the #BlackLivesMatterTO tent city was held at Toronto police headquarters. This growing movement, whose leadership is made up of young Black women, is an ongoing protest against police violence and impunity.

People were being injured and frightened as the Toronto police keep trying unsuccessfully to suppress the movement.

• Watch Local 2025 member Jawara Gairey’s rally video

The Local is organizing a series of discussion sessions to develop bargaining demands. This is an opportunity for you to talk about what needs to change in your workplace and your collective agreement.

Open discussions are being scheduled at noon in the J.K. Wyllie boardroom on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, March 15
  • Wednesday, March 16
  • Tuesday, March 22
  • Wednesday, March 23
  • Thursday, March 24

Members are invited to initiate a topic and/or collective agreement article that they wish to discuss with other members. Each topic or article will then be the basis for a discussion group.

Other members may join in one or more discussions on any or all of the days.

Dear Members:

I am writing to let you know that as of February 29th, 2016 I have returned to the bargaining unit and have resumed my role as the President of your Local.

I look forward to working on priorities for the Local, such as the upcoming round of bargaining with the PSAC as well as continuing my work with the executive to represent the members. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and to thank Michael Desautels for replacing me as the President during my absence.

Rachel Besharah

Throughout the month of February, Unifor will join with others to commemorate and celebrate the contributions of black people and those of African and Caribbean descent. We will recall the milestones, achievements and incredible accomplishments that peoples of African and Caribbean descent have made in the arts, social and economic life, politics, science and the labour movement. We will recognize these contributions have been made in the context of struggles against racial prejudice and barriers and are, thus, even more significant.

Our current Treasurer Brenda Frieday is taking early retirement effective October 1st. The executive thank Brenda for her work on behalf of the members and the Local.

Nominations are now open for this position.

You may nominate yourself or have another member nominate you.  No seconder is required for the nomination.

We will be conducting the voting by electronic ballot on the Local 2025 website.

Please provide a short statement in support of your candidacy of no more than 150 words which will be sent to the members before the vote is held.

Nominations will close on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 

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